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  • StuKaFest Februari 12 2014

    We’ve participated before in this fun student festival. Basically students all over town turn their rooms into little performance spaces. New and more renowned artists present their work, ranging from live music to standup comedian, theater and film screenings and everything in between. We’ve participated with readings, live music and film in previous years. This year we have one of the bigger houses near the Nieuwmarkt where we will present more of an all round experience; the audience will be invited to wander through the house where a narrative will unfold through storytelling, film and live dance. We will occupy multiple rooms and each round lasts 30 mins. You can get your tickets here: go to program, pick the time you’d like to come and find us under Furthur Labelz. It says dance, but there is more to it! It’s selling out fast, so don’t hesitate if you’re interested! 

    New Work: Encounters at the Van Gogh Museum

    Tonight at the Van Gogh Museum we will be presenting three new works all playing with the idea of coincidence.

    Matthew Sky has choreographed the piece Encounters which will be performed with live improvised music from Barhûs.

    Barhûs is the solo moniker of Keimpe Koldijk, prolific Rotterdam based musician from such projects as Mike Koldin, Eklin, and Adept. In September choreographer Matthew Sky created a dance piece to accompany his first release Vasteland, which was performed at the Frascati Theater.

    Coincidence shapes this piece, as the dancers and Keimpe will have to continually respond to each other, ensuring that not one performance will be the same.

    Encounters will be performed twice: at 20:00 and 21:00.

    Peter Leung’s new piece Still Life will be performed at 20:30 and 21:30 and his research dance installation piece Autoscopy 4 will be ongoing throughout the night.

    Also ongoing throughout the night will be the new film installation Perspective from Adrien Dantou and Sterre van Rossem.

    Click here for more information about the Vrijdag Avond series, and click here to attend the event on Facebook.

    Photo: Kasper Vogelzang

    New Work: Still Life at Van Gogh Museum

    For the past year and a half Peter Leung has been working on the research piece Autoscopy. The piece is based on assignments and the performers are confronted with close proximity to the public and drawn out time where they co-exist with each other. The performers explore ideas of everyday life and dreams and create their own stories derived from past, present and future. 


    Tomorrow night the dance installation will be presented in it’s 4th version as an ongoing installation from 19-22 and will only be interrupted twice by the new duet Peter has choreographed: Still Life, which uses the concept of coincidence as it’s building blocks and shows a relationship between a man and woman.

    Click here for more information about the Vrijdag Avond series, and click here to attend the event on Facebook.

    Photo by Kasper Vogelzang

    New Work: Perspective at the Van Gogh Museum

    We had a great time at the Van Gogh Museum last friday with Sterre, Emaunel and Marie. Click here for a short video from the night!

    We will be back again this Friday night and as promised here is a little bit of info about what we will be doing. We are very excited to be showing three new works all around the theme of coincidence.

    One of these works is a film installation: Perspective.

    Filmmaker Adrien Dantou & writer Sterre van Rossem collaborated on this new conceptual film installation for which they took the seductive and steering effect of music and sound when interpreting film, as starting point. Keeping in mind also the theme of the evening, they play with act of coincidence; which headphone will you pick up? And what film will you consequently see?

    The installation will be set up throughout the evening from 19:00 to 22:00. Click here for more information about the Vrijdag Avond series, and click here to attend the event on Facebook.

    This Friday night at Van Gogh Museum

    This Friday we will be at the Van Gogh Museum for their Vrijdag Avond series! We will be there again later in the month, but we will give you more info. on that night later!


    For this Friday the 6th we will be having a very special live collaboration between writers Sterre van Rossem, Eva Meijer and Emanuel Carvalho with visual artist Marie van Vollenhoven who will draw live interpretations of the stories as they are read.

    Come by between 19:30 and 21:30 to hear and see the whole thing!

    You can see more work from Marie here and learn more about the Vrijdag Avond series at Van Gogh here.



    For all of you who weren’t there, or who would like to enjoy the experience of remembering it again, here is the video recap of KANTOR. It opens with Peter’s dance piece The Black Sea Still, danced by Wolfgang Tietze, Clotilde Tran-Phat, Hannah de Klein and Matthew Pawlicki-Sinclair. It also shows a bit of Personal Space, with Erica in the box and even some of our thread installation Dream Catcher (the blue room with the glowing threads). It was a very wonderful experience and we ware excited for the next edition!

    (Source: vimeo.com)

    Blown Away Fest

    Coming up: Nov. 16th Rotterdam!

    We will be making a new site specific installation- more information to follow soon!

    Here’s the official trailer!

    KANTOR Weekend

    This weekend’s first annual KANTOR festival was a great success. We had a wonderful time being there and seeing some really nice installations and performances.

    Here are some of our finest moments as captured by Kasper Vogelzang:

    Our site-specific thread, sound and light installation Dream Catcher

    Clotilde Tran-Phat and Wolfgang Tietze in Peter Leung’s The Black Sea Still

    Hannah de Klein and Matthew Sky in Peter Leung’s The Black Sea Still

    Sasha Mukhamedov in Peter Leung’s Personal Space with live music from members of FUSE

    Tess Sturmann in Peter Leung’s Personal Space

    Erica Horwood in Peter Leung’s Personal Space

    Thank you to the team behind KANTOR (PUP, Paardenkracht, and Mirik), our team (Sterre, Matthew, Peter, and of course all the dancers- but also WIjnand, Hein, Krista and Hannah G.)- you should all be very proud of the work you did for this exciting new festival!

    You can see more of Kasper’s photos from the event here and here!


    We worked hard on our thread installation Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher is an installation of thread, light and sound about the daily routine of which even your dreams can’t save you. Instead, those dreams become futile webs preventing you from actually breaking free. 



    There are many many different artists, some really very special and talented, that you should go check out. See the program here and see you at KANTOR!

    Thread, sound & light installation

    So the next exhibit is already knocking on our little window of time; this saturday and sunday we will participate in KANTOR, a really special festival organized by PUP. They turned an empty office building into a multi layered festival space, literally. There will 5 floors filled with art ranging from live dj’s, live music, dance (by The Dutch National Ballet, choreographed by our Peter Leung!) music, food, installations, photography, film and much more.

    We build a special thread and sound installation tittled Dream Catcher. More info and images will follow soon. For now, here is the link to the website festival and a link to an interview Matthew and Peter also participated in for KANTOR. We hope to see you there!


    Thanks to everybody who came out last night to the first night of our exhibition Still in Motion.

    Kasper Vogelzang captured some great images! 

    Come by Frascati on the Nes tonight between 18:30 and 21:30 to see for yourself! 

    More info here!

    Last night at Frascati

    We had the opening of our Shadow Night at Frascati. Since the dancers had a show for Het Nationale Ballet, we turned all our dance installations into video installations and it was awesome. The atmosphere in the room was so beautiful, dreamy, eerie and haunting. And we have to thank Wijnand van der Horst for lighting everything out (again!) so wonderfully, he really made everything come together! More people than we expected came and saw the show, and we are thinking of doing it again, just like this.

    We would like to thank Mathieu Gremillet for filming and editing Personal Space. It worked so well! 

    We would like to thank Paul Visser for giving us his footage of Autoscopy. We put it on three huge old tv’s, on the red carpet, and it looked so beautiful.

    Big thanks also to Erik Sawaya, definite trooper who always pulls through and put together the film version of ‘Huis’ so last minute in the exact way we wanted. It looked stunning and we wish you could have seen it.

    But as mentioned, we will try and do it again like this.

    Tonight we will have the live showing of all the dance installations from 19.30 to 22.30 at Frascati 3. Entrance is free! See the event page here.

    Personal Space will be performed by Tess Sturmann, Erica Horwood and Sasha Mukhamenov.

    Autoscopy will be performed by Hannah de Klein, Hannah Grennell, Tess Sturmann, Bastiaan Stoop and Joanna Moriel

    Huis will be perfomed by Vincent Hoffman, Miles Purtl, Hannah de Klein and Michelle Murphy

    Artist Introduction: Christopher Holloran

    Tonight we open our exhibition Still in Motion with a very special Shadow Evening where the space will be filled with film and video installations. So we thought it was good to introduce you to one of the new filmmakers we are working with!

    Christopher Holloran is a recent graduate of Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Besides digital filmmaking, he is also interested in animation, photography, and collage art. His work has been showcased in Amsterdam as part of Turning Point, which was held at OT 301, and at SFINX. From I to I, was shown at the Xiamen Cultural Art Center in Xiamen, China and at Literaturwerkstatt Berlin.

    Hyperreality is a recurring theme throughout Christopher Holloran’s work, and is especially foregrounded in Shuttle Diplomacy (2012). Holloran describes this film as a “culmination of dance, cinema and replication” that offers “a language that only a hyperreal culture can read, but not fully understand.”

    We will be screening Shuttle Diplomacy along with Bart Wijsman’s Vlekken en Lijnen (2/3) in our mini-cinema at Still in Motion this weekend.

    Click here for the facebook event.

    Additional information on Holloran’s work can be found here.

    Artist Introduction: Eva Meijer

    Eva Meijer is an artist, writer, philosopher and singer-songwriter.

    She works in different media, ranging from performance art, music theater, installations, video’s,drawings and photographs to toys for pigs.

    Her first novel Het schuwste dier (Prometheus) was published in 2011 and was nominated for the Academica Literatuurprijs, the Gouden Boekenuil and the Vrouw&Proza DebuutPrijs.  Short stories and poems have been published in Dutch and Belgian literary magazines, such as Revisor, Tirade and De Brakke Hond.

    In the Summer of 2012 Eva co-founded writers collective De Jagers together with Sterre van Rossem. Her second novel Dagpauwoog will be published by Uitgeverij Cossee in November.


    For our exhibition Still in Motion Eva has created a 4m long drawing:The things we do that seem to matter

    No photographs will ever do it justice, so we invite you to come by Frascati this weekend during FALL4DANCE to experience it for yourself!

    Click here for the facebook event

    Click here for more information about Eva

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