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    It’s rare but it happens: you meet someone and it’s love at first sight. We have been lucky enough to have had this happen to us on several occasions. Sometimes we share a love, but truthfully, Matthew was the one who met Sam first and, so to speak, brought him home. Sam is one of those beautifully talented, light spirited people, with an insane sense of rythm, a great heart and a wonderful mind. Need I say more? Perhaps that we miss working with him. I miss those days when we hung out in NYC, walked around, ate at Veselka’s, laughed so hard in stairwells that we couldn’t get up. Sam fell in love with someone else now, she is amazing. She has a beautiful voice, a killer name, and together they are Shy Hunters. We think everybody should fall in love with them. Click the title, it brings you to their single.